Wm Lamb & Son

Coozie - Trout Trout Trout

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As you approach your favorite stretch of water with your rod in one hand and cold beverage in the other, you know the fish are surprised, intimidated and wonder to themselves, who will be caught today.  Then they see you have a Trout Trout Trout coozie by WLS that brings all who posses it good luck and other magical powers of some sort.  The fish tremble at your presence and realize there is no escape from the perfect and irresistible drifts that will be presented to them on this day because of the Trout Trout Trout coozies crazy powers.  

Then you wake up from your nap in the back of your truck, wipe the drool of your face and see your Trout Trout Trout coozie on the dash.  Its gonna be a good day.