Cache Creek Collection - Shirts & Shorts

We love to spend time out West and have been fortunate enough to have seen so much of it in our life, yet we haven’t begun to scratch the surface. I fell in love when I was as teenager and my dad took me to Montana where pack horses took us into the Bob Marshal wilderness, just north of Kalispell, to fish for cut throats in the high alpine lakes scattered in the mountains. It changed my life. Since then, I have been to most of the states and make a point to always find a stream to fish. On one particular trip we were in Jackson Hole and invited to a friend's ranch for an evening cookout. I had been fishing that day and was wearing a typical vented fishing shirt I would wear back home in Florida. I we walked up to the group of cowboys around the fire and one of them yelled out, “Where do think you are, the Bahamas?”. He was right, I did look like I should be fishing for tarpon instead of brown trout….damn tourist. So when I had the opportunity to create a fishing shirt for our line, I remembered that moment and where I was… Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The most noted stream running through the town Jackson is Cache Creek. We have hiked along it's banks in the summer and blazed a trail in snow shoes in the winter. It is spectacular to say the least. Our Cache Creek shirt and (and shorts) are a tribute to the place we love.

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