Mothers Day

 We could never list the many things our mothers have done for us over the years. Besides all the  loads of laundry, carpools and just making sure I got through life, I would like to thank my mother, and my grandmother for passing along one of life's most important and life sustaining qualities to me ... cooking.  Not just food, but cooking!  Food is a tool, cooking is the art.  From the homemade cinnamon rolls my Grandmother would make to the broccoli and squash casseroles I learned to love that mom can whip together for any gathering.  With just the stuff found in the refrigerator, these two could throw a meal together that...

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1990 Range Rover County Restoration Project

1990 Range Rover County Restoration Project I found this Rover covered in moss and grown over in weeds sitting in a pasture for over 8 years just outside of Tallahassee.  She had good bones, but the engine and drive train were a mystery.  I couldn't let this iconic gem just die in the pasture and felt the call to bring her back to life.   I gave the guy $500 and Will and I winched it up on a trailer and took her home.  This is our journey.... Let the work begin! Out with the Old New Seals and Gaskets Upgrade to 4.2...

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When the Story is as Good as the Fish

Fishing is one of my favorite pastimes. If I'm at home, I'm out in my 14ft Jon boat on beautiful Lake McBride or down the road fishing off the dock at Two Pond. I have also grown up saltwater fishing. My dad and I would always take our 17ft Boston Whaler out in the Apalachicola Bay hunting for redfish and trout. I can remember most every time I have ever been fishing. But now one trip will always stand out in my mind. My dad and I were bored sitting at our beach house on St. George Island one day...

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Who Is Wm Lamb & Son?


We've been asked quite often "So who is Wm Lamb & Son?" .... We thought we would help try to clear that up for you ..... We've been described as Gentleman South but yet we appeal to the Northeast, Midwest and the Wild West. We are quail hunts and tarpon fishing. We are dove shoots in the field and bass fishing on the ponds. We are barefoot and flipflops followed by white bucks and driving shoes. We are family, simplier times, Prairie Home Companion, guitar & mandolin pickin' Saturday nights. We are boston butts, fried pickles, grilled grouper and sushi....

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