Using Common Sense...Again

Using Common Sense...Again

Oh the things I have learned from watching the The Andy Griffith Show.  I have watched it my entire life and never seem to get tired of the same old reruns, they are just that good. 

I started Will (and Molly)  watching at a very young age learning lessons from Opie on the common sense things in life that Andy taught him along the way.  How to treat others, how to behave, parenting, telling the truth,  dealing with bullies, how to be a good loser as well as a good winner, there are consequences for doing the wrong thing, caring about friends and the value of a friendship, saying your sorry, being accountable, believing in one another when some things seem impossible, how to treat a lady,  unconditional love, and sometimes life just isn't fair.  Wow!  Did that just blow your mind?  Where is that now a days?   Was that politically correct?

Sheriff Andy Taylor was selfless and always looked out for his family and friends in Mayberry first and foremost.  He lived a simple life; not getting caught up in himself and the shiny things of the world, that just wasn't his style.  I would like to think the real Andy Griffith was the same way, but I never got to meet the man.  Common sense and living by the golden rule was what made him loved and respected by all.  In my mind it was earned, just as he earned my respect from watching his show all these years.  I have learned a lot from his character and would love to somehow shake his hand, look him in the eye and say thank you and well done.    Thank you Andy, for always trying to help America use common sense.

(You're whistling the song now aren't you .... just admit, you know you are).


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