Tuck in your Shirt!

Ribbon cutting ceremony of my bank branch back in the day....Circa 1995

Back in high school, my assistant headmaster, and one of the finest men I have ever known, had a commanding presence and a HUGE voice that demanded anyone's attention.  So if I were walking across campus with my shirt untucked, I would always hear," LAMB! TUCK IN THAT SHIRT!!".  Where my reply was always a wimpy and intimidated, "Yes sir, yes sir, Mr. Webster …".  I know he was smiling and reveled in shaping my young and simple mind.

But he taught me a fundamental lesson, Look Like You Are Somebody!  Times have changed on what boys and men wear these days.  Gone is the tie and hello to the golf shirt or caped back fishing shirt.  Don't get me wrong, I love and wear both, but I do miss dressing from time to time. After a 20 year career in the financial industry, It seems the only time I wear a tie these days is for a wedding, funeral, or church.  Dressing up isn't required when you own your own business and work from home, but I still tuck my shirt in, wear a belt, try and look like I care because it matters. 

A friend was giving me a hard time at church for wearing a bow tie and grey Brook Brothers suit a few years back, arguing it wasn't necessary and the Lord doesn't care or discriminate against how you look or what you wear.  Agreed! I believe The Lord doesn't care what you wear, but He knows your heart. I asked him if you were going to visit with the Queen of England at Buckingham Palace, would you wear a golf shirt and shorts, or would you look you best?  Therefore, I didn't think it was too much to ask coming to the house of my Lord and Savior dressed in Brooks Brothers.  Even if you don't have much, make what you have to look the best it can be; not only out of respect for who you are visiting but for yourself.

All this to say, in everything, Do Your Best, but also Look Your Best.  Its doesn't take a whole lot of effort and can make a significant impact on how you feel about yourself and how you present yourself to others.  Even if you are wearing one of our amazing Wm. Lamb & Son t-shirts, tuck it in and wear a belt.  We sell belts too, you know.   Michigan head coach, Jim Harbough likes to tuck in anything he wears, sweaters, hoodies, etc.  Many times it's not a good look, but his mama must have raised him right.  Growing up the legendary head coaches like Bobby Bowden, Tom Landry, Bear Bryant, Mike Ditka wore ties on game day, but I hear in today's world coaches are penalized if they do not wear the team sponsored gear.  Ties are allowed one game per season! ....sigh.  

Yes, times have changed.  I get it, but that doesn't mean you have to quit trying.  Unfortunately, in this day and age, the old saying, "perception is a reality", has never been more accurate.  Like it or not, you are measured on how you present yourself, so look like you care.  There isn't much we can control in this world, believe me, I've tried and failed miserably, but you can control the first impression.  You can start by tucking your shirt in and wearing a belt, it's not that hard to do.  Look like somebody and see what happens in your life, I promise you will see and feel the difference. 

Even when I'm bass fishing around the farm pond....having your shirt tucked in makes for a better trophy pic  

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