Trout Floyd

A very rare photo of Pink Floyd with the fifth and lesser known member of the band.

Life can be defined by the music we've listened to.  We hear a certain song and it takes us back to a familiar time while hanging out with friends on the water, a girl on the back of the tailgate or just a chapter in out life.  I grew up with vinyl records and cassette tapes and I remember the first time I saw a CD in the record store at the mall.  Yes, a “record store in a mall", I just said that.   Back in the day you listened to both sides of the album and could pick up the needle and listen again.  It was simple and it was wonderful!  
In high school I listened to U2, Jimmy Buffett, Pink Floyd and the all hair bands of the day. Loudly, very loudly.  I would cruise around the back roads with my peeps in my old CJ7 trying to hear the JVC 6x9s I had magnetically stuck to the dash because they were not mounted to anything.   In college I moved on to Drivin N Cryin, The Allman Brothers, REM, Randy Travis, Hank Jr., The Grateful Dead and more Pink Floyd and Jimmy Buffett.  Coming home at the end of the night in my friends black bronco, we all would be singing Randy Travis as loud as we could.  

The Marshall Tucker Band always reminds me of Sewanee and driving up The Mountain to see Margaret on the weekends. Still today, almost 30 years later, every time we start heading up the mountain we always crank up Marshall Tucker and it makes our heart happy to know that our kids have learned our ways.  Will is headed to Sewanee to start college this week and he's got his Spotify ready to hit play.   Sewanee is also where we discovered a little known band at the time Widepread Panic, and thus, another love affair was born.
I must say thought, Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon has always been one of my favorites and I can listen to it anywhere, anytime.  Since its release in 1973, it has sold 9.5 million copies.  I hate that I never got to see them live, but I heard a tribute band one night and they sounded amazingly good!  I guess that’s going to have to do. My bands of the past are slowing calling it a career and doing their final farewell tours, but their music still take me back to some wonderful days on the water, in the woods and just hanging out with my closet friends.  Takes me back to when “everything under the sun is in tune”.


Trout Floyd
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