There's something about The Masters

There's Something about the Masters

There is something about the Masters. Maybe it’s the tradition that surrounds the Augusta National Golf Club and the code that they strictly live by. Maybe it’s the fact that the caddys still wear white jumpsuits and the players have to dress accordingly and not look like they just walked out of a Vegas night club. Sorry, but some of these guys need a lesson in fashion.  Maybe it’s just a great way to spend a beautiful day. 
I have been fortunate enough to go on several occasions and am always impressed with the volunteers, the immaculate grounds, and the caliber of the players competing for the green jacket. Most of all I look forward to the $2 pimento cheese and egg salad sandwiches washed down with $3 ice cold adult beverage. 

From the time you leave your car in the parking lot to the time you enter the gate, you will have no less than 15 volunteers telling you to leave your cell phone in the car as they are prohibited inside.  But it never fails, there is some yahoo that does not adhere to the rules of the club and gets caught talking or texting on his phone, resulting in their, or their friend's tickets being revoked for life. As for the rest of us, we enjoy a wonderful day of tuning out the noise and living in the moment. 

I have had it on in the background and find it so relaxing to listen to while I work, instead of the usual chatter of talk radio.  This Sunday's weather it is calling for rain here at home, which makes for a perfect afternoon to sit and watch the final round.  So if you are looking for me this weekend, you will find me in my chair with pimento cheese sandwiches and  a cold adult beverage....feel free to stop by.

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