The Treasure of our National Parks

About three years ago, the Lamb family took an epic journey out West in a rented RV.  Yes…that is correct, a rented RV and all lived to tell the story of one of the greatest adventures of our lives.  7,600 miles in sixteen days as far as West Glacier near the Canadian border, down thru Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and back across the “forever” Midwest then all the way back home to hot muggy Florida.  I would do it again right now if the thirty-foot corrugated box on wheels pulled up in the driveway today!  Unfortunately, travel isn’t a popular thing to be doing these days, so I am finding pleasure writing about it all and reliving the memories.
On our “quest for fun”, we made a point to visit many of our National Parks and see what Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir dreamed so many years ago. Yellowstone, the first National Park created in 1872, followed by Yosemite and Sequoia in 1890, was the beginning of the preservation of now 62 parks in the NP system. Until you have driven across the US and out West, if hard to imagine how vast and vacant our great country actually is and, trust me,  driving is the best way to see it.  The National Parks of our great nation are not just out west, but from shore to shore, mountain ranges and spots in between.  I can’t get enough of it all as I drive and wonder what spectacular vista awaits me around the next bend or over the next mountain pass.  
Recently we found a box full of stamps Margaret’s father collected for years  and were intoxicated with the nostalgia of it all.  She recalls sitting with him,  opening the envelopes with the first editions falling out on the table and putting them in their respectful sleeves in the three-ring binder.  What great memories she has being able to share in his passion sitting around that old kitchen table with him.  So we thought we would make our own collection of our favorite classic national park and environmental/conservation stamps.  Whether you have been there or not, these tees will bring you one step closer to one of our greatest treasures, our National Parks and the amazing country that we live in.




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