The Repp Tie - One of the All Time Classics!

One of the All Time Classics!

There are some things that just never go out of style.  There are some things that are timeless, rich, look good anywhere and anytime.   Cars, trucks, architecture, landscaping, art, music, and clothing all have classics.  So many fashion, trends and fads come and go by quickly, never to return; while some are lucky enough to come back around and given another brief shot at glory.  Like all of us, I have owned some of that stuff in my past that doesn’t stick around our house for long.
I was in my closet the other day looking at all the tattersalls, plaids and Brooks Brothers dress shirts I’ve had forever; and next to it was an enormous rack of ties I have collected over the years.  Stripes upon stripes upon stripes.   A pile of striped Repp ties from my former life in the financial world when I actually wore a suit everyday.  No Tabasco Hot Sauce or Marvel Comics ties found in this man's closet. 
The Repp tie dates back to the 12thcentury and the British regimental guard….how’s that for timeless?  Although the widths and lengths have varied over the years, the striped pattern has, and always will be, the standard classic.  Put it with a grey suit or navy blazer and you just can't go wrong.  So, of course, I had to do my own Repp tie collection.
It's no surprise our Repps have a sporting flair.  When I designed them I was inspired by the traditional dress of the driven partridge and grouse shoots at any one of the grand estates of England.  Although I have never been one of these stately hunts, it is high up on my bucket list and I can't wait to go.  And you can bet when I do get to go, I will look the part.   Whether it's the Flying Mallard, Flushing Quail, Side by Side, Flying Wilson, Jeb or one of the Stags, put it with a tweed jacket and it will look great in the field, at dinner, or just up the road at that fall cocktail party.  

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