The Lost Art of the Hand Written Note

The Lost Art of the Hand Written Note

When you go to the mailbox and flip through your stack of mail, what catches your eye? Bills, direct mail flyers, coupons or may be a check?  Wahoo!!!  I have to admit I will look at the Harbor Freight mailer to see what I don’t need, but outside of that, or a check, the only thing of interest in the mail is the occasional hand-addressed letter or note hidden somewhere in the junk I’m holding in my hand.
In today's world the handwritten note has become a lost art with the rise of technology with emails, texts, etc. , but it is has not lost the impact it has on the recipient.  A handwritten letter is not just a way of communicating information, but it says you care and makes the other person feel like they are important enough for you to sit down and take the time to write them.   

Most everyone has that drawer .... you know the one full of the stack of notes and  letters you have received over the years. Whether it's just a note in your mom's handwriting you wanted to save, someone telling you they love you, they are thinking about you after having put your dog down, a thank you for a great weekend or just saying hey.   Think about when you last received a personalized note and how it made you feel.  It is yours and yours alone and there is something very special about that.  No BCC, CC ... no nonsense.  

Sure, we all live off email for our businesses and keeping up with friends; it sustains life now. (How else are you reading this?) But there is something about a hand written note, with words that come from the heart and words that warm the heart….that is what it's all about.  It’s such a simple and easy way to make a huge impact in someone’s day. 

From gobblers, to pointers, to sandpipers to quail go ahead and make someone's day ......
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