Thank you for your service - Veterans Day

Thank you for your service

I've been thinking lately what the military provides us as they fight for our freedom.  The word that keeps coming to mind is hope.   When I see someone in a military uniform or find out they served in the military I always tell them, ”thank you for your service”.  The response is always the same, “ glad to do it”.  Wow!  Whether they have served for a short period of time or have made a career out of protecting our country, I stand in awe for the their selfless sacrifice.  As we continue to watch National Guard caravan in during disaster relief and we hear the news of military troops continuing to be deployed all over the world to assist, to protect, to aid, it is hope that these men and women leave behind.   
After Hurricane Michael came through and wrecked our beloved Forgotten Coast, the Blue Angels did a fly over along the coast, in particular over Mexico Beach, the hardest hit area from Michael.  It was an amazing sight to all the relief workers and the victims of the hurricane.  I believe, even if just for that moment, that it gave the people along the coast a sense of hope. 
With Veteran's Day approaching next week we wanted to do something special to honor those past, present and future men and woman who have served our country and fight for our freedom. This photo of the fly over on Mexico Beach is just one of those moments caught in time that reminds us that everyday we need to say "thank you for your service, your sacrifice"' to all those that serve.   May we always show them the Honor, Respect and Gratitude that they deserve.  And may we always have hope and freedom. 

Military Strong

Margaret's father, Wm. M. Smith, Air Force, 1952

Brig. Gen. John Richardson.  The youngest general in the US Army, Maclay School class 1987, West Point Graduate

Capt. Bobby Brown. These guys are brothers, West Point Graduates and my first cousins.

My cousin, Capt. Caleb Brown

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