Mothers Day

 We could never list the many things our mothers have done for us over the years. Besides all the  loads of laundry, carpools and just making sure I got through life, I would like to thank my mother, and my grandmother for passing along one of life's most important and life sustaining qualities to me ... cooking.  Not just food, but cooking!  
Food is a tool, cooking is the art.  From the homemade cinnamon rolls my Grandmother would make to the broccoli and squash casseroles I learned to love that mom can whip together for any gathering.  With just the stuff found in the refrigerator, these two could throw a meal together that was as Southern as you could imagine and something Paul Deen would be proud of.  It was an art,  they loved doing it and they have passed that love of cooking on to me.
 For all the huge Sunday lunches, the holiday meals, the biscuits from scratch before school, and most importantly, for frying my fish and making cheese grits with a side of fried okra each time I came home after a successful evening on the lake.  Thanks Mama. 

My grandmother and I cooking trout at our house in Highlands, North Carolina.  (1989)
My beautiful Mama, "Rubye Carol", at our wedding. (1994

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