It's More Than A Pile Of Hats

TOP: Just a few of my hats in the top of my gun cabinet
LEFT: My grandfather's golfing hat,  circa 1977
RIGHT: Big hats = big fish,  Oregon, circa 1989

I have a collection of hats like no other.  Over my entire life I have loved wearing a ball cap. From the time I seven years old,  playing golf with my grandfather up in Highlands, to bass fishing in high school and now working on old trucks.  Each one of those hats in that pile in my closet has a story and represents a time in my life that I never want to let go of.  I have one particular hat that was my lucky fishing hat that I have had over 35 years.  It has probably come in and out of fashion three or four times over  the years, but it is undeniably special.  It seems to be held together by just a few threads and has been mended over the years to secure it survival.  I have hats with dozens of small tears from hanging dry flies on them while switching out in stream, bleached by the sun and sweat, chewed by dogs, splattered with paint, covered in grease and it goes on and on.  The collection includes fly shops from all over the place, banks, heavy equipment, field trials, music festivals, plantations, and best of all ..... my own Wm. Lamb & Son hats. (It’s my blog so I had to put in a plug)
Now a days, I wear a hat because I have to keep the sun off my head and grease out of my “thinning” hair.  I still love the feel of a soft broken in hat on my head whether I'm driving down the road or sitting at the computer.  I think it makes me smarter… Ha!  It seems Will has picked up on this love of hats and has created his own collection.  Some of them are mine, but that’s okay, he wears them well.  In this disposable world a hat is something that is inexpensive and seems to come and go.  But, once you have story attached to it and spend years wearing it and breaking that baby in just right, it represents a time in your life and reminds you of those great moments in your past.  And then, that inexpensive disposable product becomes irreplaceable part of your life, hence a hat collection begins.   Look at your hat rack and let us know what stories your hats could tell.  What’s your collection look like? 


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