It's a Miracle

Sooooo least I thought it was back in high school.  I'm sure my formal date was impressed.

It's a miracle!!  There is cooler weather coming in the next couple of days! It may sound like a small thing, but I wasn't ready for spring or summer when our winter ended 7 months ago.  I love it cool and love it even better when it's cold.  Yes I know, I live in the panhandle of Florida, but that is a discussion for another time.  But for now, I am excited to put on a fleece, long pants, and  and my boots.  Roll the windows down in the truck, open up the sunroof, and play the music a little louder while that cool wind blows the hair right off my head.  I say that as if I still have a head of hair to blow in the wind....

Most of my life, I have had a CJ-7 in the garage.  Aside from high school and college, even as a supposed grown up, there were several years where it was my primary source of transportation as I would drive to my appointments in my Brooks Brothers suit to the astonishment of my clients who were wondering what's wrong with this guy?  Typically I would set my appointments for first thing in the morning before it got too hot. I'm smart like that.  When it was running, I had the top off, and if I wanted A/C, I would drive a little bit faster.  If it was cold, I would throw on a hat and jacket and turn the heat on full blast.  I would have to take my foot off the gas and coast due to the heat blowing directly on my gas pedal, and I would need too cool off my foot.  It was heaven!

I sold my last CJ about twelve years ago.  We had two small kids and it just wasn't practical.  You can imagine the faces I got at stop lights from Mamas seeing me in that thing with the kids strapped in car seats (the dads always gave me a thumbs up).  Once it was sold though,  I have to say I haven't thought about it since.  Some people call it maturity, but I would call it a change in interest as it has moved on to similar yet dumber obsessions.

But back to this cooler weather that draws me outside and to the projects I have been putting off for months because it is downright miserable down here in the summer.  You have either be inside or in the water somewhere to stay cool.  Certainly not in the yard unless, of course, you are on the lawn mover with a cold beverage in the cup holder.   All the tree cutting and chainsaw running has had to wait, as I am learning to pick and chose my battles these days.   Admittedly don't quite have the steam I used to.

All that being said, it's just better when it's cooler outside.  Open up the house, turn on some music or a ball game, and enjoy the moment.  But if you want to really experience the best part of Fall pick up one of our soft super comfortable long sleeve shirts, tuck it in your worn jeans or old khakis and a pair of boots.  You not only look like you are cool, but you will also be cool!  And for me, that alone is a miracle.

Growing older...just not growing up

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