Great Relationships Equals Great Business

Great Relationships Equals Great Business

Like anything there is the good and the bad, and being in business for yourself is no exception.  We just got back from The Men's Clothing Show in Charlotte, NC where we wholesale to our retail partners throughout to SE.  It’s as four-day show that happens every February and August.  It's hosted at an Embassy Suites with a large atrium - the vendors set up in the front room and sleep in the back bedroom. (Business in the front, party in the back.)

We have been doing this show for five years now and thru those years seen people, stores and businesses come and go; I guess they thought this clothing thing was going to be easy.  Anyway, one of the coolest things about this show is the friendships and relationships we have developed over the years.  For the most part, we all want to see each other succeed and help one another out as we navigate through the good and bad times.  The vendors and retailers that are not of this mindset seem to come and go as if they don’t fit in to our click …and that’s okay.  Every six months I look forward to leaning on the rail at the hotel sharing experiences, listening, telling stories and talking shop with retailers and competitors that have become our friends first and foremost. 

Business isn’t easy no matter what you do, but it helps when you are surrounded by good people.  We enjoy hearing about successes and failures and pass along the lessons learned and the hard truths of business.  I tell our son all the time, “it's all about relationships” and in this day in age, truer words have never been spoken.  We are fortunate to work with some great people … it's a huge part of what makes it fun.  Thanks guys!  

Our friend and retailer, Sean from "The Sporting District" in San Antonio, Texas wearing his Davis Hunt Scene pants at the show. 

 "Ridin' the Rail"
Deep thought and solving the world's problems while wearing Davis Hunt Scene Pant.  These pants make you smarter.   Or at least look good ridin' the rail.  

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