Boats - Chapter 2, The Two Best Days of Your Life

Boats- Chapter 2
The Two Best Days of Your Life

They say the two best days of your life are: the day you buy a boat and the day you sell a boat.  I can’t say they are the “best days”, but there is a lot of truth in that statement.  Last year we finally sold the inflatable tender Will was given in return for some work he/I did.  It had been sitting the woods, deflated, full of leaves and hadn't run for years.  Good trade right?  Anyway, Will just had to have it and I new we could get it cleaned up and running... it had a Yamaha on it after all.  It took some work, but within a few weekends we had it in the water, looking good and running pretty well.   It really turned out to be a nice little boat!  But, like all things boat, it was a constant pursuit of fixing things over the next several months.  B.O.A.T.  "Bust Out Another Thousand" as the saying goes.  I put it on craigslist and parked it up at the Wal-Mart parking lot with limited response.  The longer I had it, the more stuff had to be fixed and, although it was covered, it seemed to constantly need to be cleaned.  Will took it out with a friend on afternoon and flipped it off the trailer, trailer had to be refitted new brackets ,cowling, shifter cables, water pump and on and on it goes.   
I had low-ball offers over the next few months that I passed on, but I had finally had enough.  Mowing around it, cleaning and fixing it an all summer had taken its toll and me and l let it go for a really good deal.  I figured I broke even on it at best, but I’m not complaining.  When it comes to boats, if you can get out what you have put into it, which is unprecedented, you've done well.  Plus it was a great project Will enjoyed working on too.  It was a relief and a VERY happy day to see it leave our yard for new home. Fortunately the buyers were boat people; so hopefully they know what the term B.O.A.T. really means.  They drove up in a Land Rover, so they must have some sense of the concept.

In honor of the good 'ole inflatable, we are putting our Coastal Collection of tees On Sale for a Limited Time.  Now grab a tee and head on out to the water.....


Looking rough.  Please notice the plywood windshield...very custom!

Got it out of the woods and back to house...barely

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