Boats - A Love-Hate Relationship

Boats Part 1

The Love-Hate Relationship

As I was headed down to the lake to pull the dead battery out of my boat, a “country music” song came on the radio about boats.  This singer must have been wearing some tight jeans, a cowboy hat and an Apple watch and I'm pretty sure he has ridden in a boat, but has never owned one.  The song went on about “serenity” and how a boat can bring you to a place of peace and tranquility.  “Floating across the water”…watching the sunset and stuff.  That’s the good and the love part of the equation.  Catching fish with friends and spending time with your family makes the pain and suffering all worthwhile.  Yes…pain and suffering because it takes a ton of work, maintenance, money, patience, tools, money, insurance, etc. 
Like today’s technology, it’s great when it works.  Boats and trailers are no different.  When the boat runs smoothly, trailer lights work and you get home without a mishap, it was a great day.  I think country music stars in tight pants must have missed the part when the battery goes dead, water gets in your fuel, overheating, fishing line around your lower unit seal, lights quit working on the trailer …..  Boat owners are in a club of their own where every member has story after story.  The cool thing is, we all can relate and have a tiny degree of compassion for each other while sharing these stories over a beer.  

As for me, my battery is now working, the trailer lights and the runners are replaced .... just got to adjust that small dent in the prop now where The Boy hit bottom on the Wacissa River yesterday .... Yes, it's never ending .... Enjoy the weekend my friends .... 


Office chair bolted to the Jon boat...for real

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