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Vintage-Prince Murat

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This place has been in Tallahassee since the beginning time, or least since 1965.  The motel was named for Prince Achille Murat, the nephew of French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, who was a Tallahassee planter and famously eccentric character in the early 19th century. He and his wife, Catherine Willis Murat, the great grandniece of George Washington, were one of Tallahassee's first celebrity couples.  

Im sure they are somewhere shaking their heads thinking, "this place is their legacy? A slummy motel downtown Tallahassee?"  To add insult to injury, it always had a different letter burned out on the sign at one time or another, so we felt thats how it should be remembered on our vintage Prince Murat tee.  

100% cotton Comfort Colors tee on Blue Jean