Tanner Treadway Long Sleeve
Tanner Treadway Long Sleeve
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Tanner Treadway Long Sleeve

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 We’ve had many requests over time for a reprint of the Tanner shirt.   Some are thread bare, some have been misplaced and others just want another to give to a friend.    So please spread the word.    We are reprinting the Price shirt and the Tanner shirt in both long and short sleeve.    A percentage of the proceeds will be donated in their names to a great cause locally.

Below is the blog about Tanner written by his beautiful parents when we first launched the T-shirt.

“Blessed by Him every day that sun is shining” via Tanner Treadway twitter 01/08/2014.  

Who knew that three short days after this post, January 11, 2014, Tanner would be called home to heaven. It was a horrific rainy, stormy day and Tanner was about to get offInterstate 10. Driving under the speed limit with his cell phone in his back pocket, a water-soaked road, guard rail and metal pole ended this blonde hair, blue eyed 19 year old life in a few seconds. Here on earth one minute, gone the next.

Just that morning, as Tanner left the house with his friend, he ran back in the door to yell “love you” to us. He then told his friend “always remember to tell your parents you love them before you leave”. How true those words became that same night.

Once the news began to spread and over the following weeks, our home overflowed with family and friendssobbing and in shock. Our sweet boy was gone. Only the night before, I found a “lost” photo of Tanner’s baptism from seven years prior. How appropriately important this photo became to our family.

Tanner always loved the beauty of the outdoors and God’s creation. When away from the ballpark, he spent time at Lake Jackson boat landing, in his canoe or in the woods of Phipps Park. He enjoyed fishing, appreciating nature, hanging out with friends, savoring the sunset or just “four-wheeling” in the golf cart.

Tanner was always extremely loyal and protective to and of his teammates and friends. He was a fearless competitor and defender of those who, because of their situation, needed help defending themselves whether he knew them or not. As an honor to him, Tanner’s former teammates and opponents thru the many years from cub league, Meridian Park, Leon High, Post 13 and Wallace Community College lined the church aisles wearing their caps or jerseys as one final “good game” to an awesome friend and player.

Some of our visitors during the first week after our losswere mothers of boys who had also lost their life too soon. Molly, Price Thornall’s mother, had also lost her son in a car accident the previous year. Price was driving home from Ole Miss to visit with his family for an Easter weekend at St. Teresa Beach. Both Tanner and Price were friends, attending Leon High together and members of the same church, Bradfordville Baptist. Both funerals filledwith many of the same friends and family.

As a tribute to Price, Wm Lamb & Son was contacted and a t-shirt was designed to honor him with a percentage of sales donated to Price’s Point Foundation.

We also believe this is an awesome way to remember our son, brother and friend. We feel blessed that Tanner’s friends, together with Wm Lamb, designed a watercolor for a t-shirt with some of the special elements of his life. Tanner’s special spot at Rhoden Cove Landinga baseball bat on his shoulder….his yellow canoe at the water’s edge and of course, his infamous golf cart with his clubs and fishing pole.

A percentage of the sale’s proceeds will be donated to the Tanner Treadway Fund. This fund’s intent will support causes close to Tanner’s heart including Lions United, the special needs program at Leon High School, Kids First Fund, in honor of Ethan Fisher, and a baseball scholarship in his memory.

We have already designated the baseball scholarship’s first recipient. The player’s character and qualities receiving this honor include dedication, always lending a helping hand, spirited, overcoming an obstacle and always loving the game just as Tanner did. 

Thank you Margaret and William!