PT Shirt Long Sleeve
PT Shirt Long Sleeve
Wm Lamb & Son

PT Shirt Long Sleeve

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We’ve had many requests over time for a reprint of the PT shirt.   Some are thread bare, some have been misplaced and others just want another to give to a friend.    So please spread the word.    We are reprinting the Price shirt and the Tanner Treadway shirt in both long and short sleeve.    A percentage of the proceeds will be donated in their names to a good cause locally.  

Below is the original blog.... 

On Good Friday,2013, the city of Tallahassee became a little town once again with the news of the tragic death Price Thornal. As a freshman at Ole Miss, Price was on his way home to Tallahassee to spend Easter weekend with his family at the beach when he was killed in a car accident. As word spread about the accident it was quite evident that PT was everybody's friend. Many of our college ambassadors were close friends with Price and devastated. One was supposed to be in the car with Price. Withiin hours Facebook was on fire with everyone we knew both young and old praying for the Thornal's. Everyone was in shock .... this one hit home.

Wm Lamb & Son was contacted before the funeral even took place, asking if we would consider doing a tshirt to honor him. He was a fan of Wm Lamb & Son and he would have loved that they said. Price's funeral was held on the Monday after Easter and over 1500 folks lined the church, including most of his SAE fraternity brothers from Oxford that had made the trip. The day after his funeral we met with a handful of his closest friends at his favorite oyster bar to talk about Price and see what they had in mind.

These young adults, all freshmen in college at various schools had all come home to celebrate Price, were back to just being kids as they began talking about their friend ..... They missed him so badly and were still in shock. Listening to them talk about Price was amazing. There was just something about this boy ..... the things that we kept hearing were "he never met a stranger", "he was everyone's friend", "he always had a smile on his face ..... and a big smile at that". Price loved America, Price loved brotherhood, Price loved his friends and his family with everything he had and Price knew and loved God. He wasnt perfect by any means .... and they weren't trying to paint him in that light. But what Price was seems to be a lover of life and if he was your friend, he was your best friend. In the end it doesn't get much better than that.

So over the next few weeks a picture was painted .... a watercolor ..... of Price looking out to the water at St. Teresa beach, his home away from home .... his blue boat with the American flag up front ..... a cooler in one hand and a rod in the other ..... his hat on backwards ..... and a quote that he had tweeted out "Live your life so that the fear of death will never enter your heart." Truly how Price lived and how he will always be remembered.

So may we all live as Price lived .... looking out on the water with a cold drink in our hand, God and America, our friends and our family all in our hearts .... he would like that. Now go enjoy a cool, raw dozen and laugh with friends and wear your PT tshirt often and wear it proud. To honor, for honor, with honor.