Easter Sunday

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With Fat Tuesday here we all know that Ash Wednesday comes right behind,  and for those of us in the South that means one essential thing .... 40 days til we pull out the white bucks for Easter Sunday morn.

You can't be shy or self conscious.  Wearing white bucks makes a statement that says, "I am comfortable in my own skin and I'm man enough to pull it off."   We put them on Easter and take them off Labor Day. We wear them with a fine seersucker suit, khakis or even shorts. There is little left in this world when it come to tradition, but white bucks during the spring and summer is a style that is timeless, and it also goes great with a gin and tonic. 

Adding Wm Lamb & Son white bucks to our line was an obvious fit for our Apparel Collection.  Wm has been wearing bow ties and white bucks long before either were trendy.   His own personal white bucks have gotten plenty of wear over of the years and happen to be made by the same company that now makes our very own Wm Lamb & Son bucks.  So yes,  he can atest first hand that these shoes are excellent quality and made to last you many years of Sunday church services and many afternoon cocktail parties.   So order up your white bucks now and you'll be all ready to take your Mama to church on Easter Sunday.  Just make sure you put them up on Labor Day..... it's kind of the law down here.


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